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Getting Started

Pixpro is a photogrammetric software aimed at 3D reconstruction based on aerial and terrestrial imagery and production of 3D models alongside other photogrammetric results.

User-friendly interface allows even inexperienced users to operate image processing with ease and confidence while obtaining great results in spatial data reconstruction.

Moreover, Pixpro perfectly meets the advanced users’ needs for accurate calculations, precise measurements and 3D structure reconstruction of remarkable precision and authenticity as well as allowing adjustability options for specific project workflow.

The software offers a wide range of solutions in different areas of interest by the means of easily operable and highly adaptable automated processing system which ensures neat results in digital photogrammetry.

Quick start

Pixpro can create an array of photogrammetric results just by a press of a few buttons. Button "about" in the toolbar or F10 on the keyboard takes the user to Full Workflow dialog. In full workflow window user can select what results are desired. After selecting the desired results press start and the software will process all selected outputs using the default settings. Full workflow window example below:


Licensing and Registration

Upon opening the installed software for the first time you will be required to log in. Enter your credentials used to register and download our software from the website. If any issues arise refer to the illustration below for an explanation.


Serial number in the illustration is meant only for those have multiple licences on a single account. Otherwise the serial number field will not be shown at all.

In case you want to activate the Pixpro software on a computer without internet, press the Offline activation link and then select the downloaded license file and your activation will be completed without being online. License file can be downloaded from your account on

Once the activation process is completed the software can be used without any limits. If the monthly payment for the license fails, you will receive an e-mail notification and your license will be moved to Unpaid Licenses section on your account.

If a brand new license is purchased or the software is updated, the license manager will appear upon launching the software. If an update is available you will see Software update link in the top right corner of the software window.


Every Pixpro license is associated with a specific computer with a unique hardware ID number. If there is a need to transfer the license to a new computer, or the existing machine has been upgraded with new hardware components, software may not run because of the altered hardware ID. In these cases contact to get the license updated.

You can always check your license status at .

Features list


Visit the website for more information at Pixpro