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Clipping box

Clipping Box

Clipping box is a 3D region which can limit the dense point cloud and other layers. It is used to crop out unecessary parts of the project, reduce processing times and clean up the working area in general.

Clipping box is accessible in the right part of the toolbar through following icons: "drawing"

To activate the clipping box press the first button - Set clipping box.

When the clipping box is activated a specific tools panel appears on the right side and the clipping box itself shows up in the 3D view.


Tools panel from top to bottom:

  • Selection Modes - here you can toggle on or off various tools for adjusting the clipping box and reset the clipping box.

From left to right buttons are:

  1. Enable Rotation - reveals the rotation wheel in the 3D view.
  2. Enable Movement - reveals the movement bars in the 3D view.
  3. Enable Resizing - allows resizing the grey clipping box walls.
  4. Reset Clipping Box - resets the clipping bos to the default project values.

  5. Clipping Box - in this section the name of the clipping box is displayed. If the user has edited the clipping box, but not saved it yet, the name will display as n/a.

  6. Clipping Box list - here the Store button allows saving the current clipping box. A saved clipping box needs to have a designation and can be restored at any point using the Restore button. In the Restore Clipping Box window the clipping boxes ar sorted in folders. Custom clipping boxes will always contain user created ones while layer clipping box folder will contain one specific to each created layer.

  7. Center Postition - allows editing the center position of the clipping box precisely, using the current coordinate units.

  8. Size - allows editing the precise size of the clipping box using the project units.

  9. Rotation - allows changing the precise rotation of the clipping box in degrees.

When all operations regarding the clipping box are done, press ok at the bottom of the tools panel. If you want to discard changes and begin anew, press cancel.