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Single contour line

Single Contour Line

Single contour line functionality lets you add a single contour line of a selected height on the DEM.

There are two methods of adding a single contour line:

  1. Adding a single contour line by entering its custom height.

  2. Adding a single contour line directly in 3D view.

To start adding a single contour line press right mouse button on the Contour lines layer in the layers panel. Choose Add Single Contour Line Custom Height ... to execute method 1. Enter the desired absolute height. Press ok and the single contour line will appear on the DEM.

To execute method 2 choose Add Single Contour Line ... and the just click anywhere on the DEM. You will notice that the contour line is drawn in real-time using this method. This helps to accurately place the contour line anywhere on the DEM and provides simulation-like visual representation.

Below an example of two single contour lines added to the digital elevation map.


In the single contour lines' properties panel line color and line weight can be adjusted.

Single contour lines can be used to create a polygon object as well. Press right mouse button on an existing single contour line in the layers panel and the click on Create Polygon. Mouse cursor will change and now you have to click inside of a closed loop contour line. If you click somewhere that the contour line is not closed it will fail to create a polygon.


Polygons created using the single contour line will be comprised of a large amount of vertices which means draped perimeter display is not available and unnecessary.

An example polygon created from a contour line: